It’s the old romantic in me… writing several crime thrillers as Mel Sherratt, and being known for my grit-lit, readers often ask me why I wrote Stirred with Love, the first book in The Somerley Series. There are three reasons.


It’s the smell. The knowing before you taste it that you’re on to something good. The anticipation as the drink is made. The noise of the machine as it creates the delight. Ooh, I need a coffee right now!

It’s the taste. Getting froth on your top lip – or even your nose! It’s the sigh factor – you know, a slurp of good coffee and my shoulders relax and I sigh with appreciation.

It’s my local coffee shop. The buzz about the place, the swoosh of the coffee machine, the clink of a spoon. The people who come and go. The staff and their friendly banter. Those comfy leather settees.

Cappuccino is my ultimate favourite – and if there is a heart drawn in the froth, then that’s even better. But to be honest, I love a good cup of coffee with Coffee Mate. I know it is sacrilege to some but, for me, it’s the magic ingredient. Add to that mix a chocolate chip cookie and I am a happy Marcie. Sit me in my favourite coffee shop and I am coffee loved up.


My friends are really important to me. They are quite literally what makes me who I am. I have friends who give me advice, friends who cheer me up, friends who tell me the truth (no matter how hard it is to hear at times). I’ve had friends over the years who have come and gone, as life moves on, but true friends are still around. If you have at least one true friend, then I think you’re blessed.

Making new friends is sometimes hard but once you’ve done it and you’ve found that person who you can trust with anything, well, life can only get better. And when life kicks you in the butt, with the help of that friend you can work through any problem just that little bit easier.


It really does makes the world go round. The giddiness, the anticipation, the expectation of falling in love. Settling into a long-term relationship with someone who gets you completely. Someone you feel safe and secure with. Someone who makes you feel special, like you belong together forever.

Of course there is the other side – falling out of love. Or someone falling out of love with you. The sorrow, the heartbreak, the agony, the hurt, the pain, the rejection. But that’s where friends come on board. Friends get you through the good times and the bad.

So, add a dash of friendship to a huge mug of coffee and what do you get…


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