The Hope Street Series

If you’ve enjoyed The Somerley Series, I think you’ll love the residents of Hope Street.

Welcome to Hope Street. You’ll find it in the market town of Somerley, where I’ve set The Somerley Series. I’ve started a new series because I wanted to write about characters who live in the same street. They’re all friends and neighbours and every book will feature a different character, with a standalone story. Each one is coming up to a big birthday, from sweet sixteen to eighty years young. It also means the books can be read in whichever order you like.

The series starts with The Man Across the Street, out on January 1, 2020 where not only can you meet Hannah and Doug, but also some of the characters who will go forward into the next books. 

Maybe I’m just scared to be happy…

Meet Hannah – she’s been her mum’s sole carer since she was eighteen. Now alone after Martha’s sudden death, she feels lost in the only place she’s known as home, Hope Street. Coming up to a milestone birthday, she’s wondering what her purpose in life is.

Meet Doug – a workaholic, he’s in the office from dusk ’til dawn, and when he has a heart attack. Now on the mend, he needs to de-stress his life and focus on living it, to make sure it doesn’t happen again. 

Doug moves to Hope Street, number 35. Hannah lives at number 34, directly opposite. From the moment they meet, there’s a spark. 

But there are secrets too. Hannah’s mum has been keeping something from her, her sister left over twenty years ago, and there can’t be such a simple reason why Doug has moved to Somerley. Can there?

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