Marcie Steele is back

Well, hello again – it’s been a while. A lot of you will know me as ‘Marcie Mel’ as I write crime fiction under my real name, Mel Sherratt. But I have always loved writing as Marcie, so I’m taking the plunge again.

So what have I been up to? Writing as Marcie Steele, I have three books that have been published before. However, I’ve changed all three to make them into a series set in the same place, the fictional market town of Somerley.

Stirred with Love is the original title for book one, but book two and three have changed, along with all the covers.

Book two was titled The Little Market Stall of Hope and Heartbreak and is now Secrets, Lies & Love.

Book three was titled The Second Chance Shoe Shop and is now Second Chances at Love.

I wanted to create a look that is fun, quirky and which I think reflects my writing. I don’t write romantic comedies, nor contemporary romance. Each of my books has more than one main character to cheer on. Often, I write community-based stories, full of warm people, loving relationships, and charming friends – well, most of the time.

I write down-to-earth stories, about day-to-day life. I lovingly call them chick-grit.

I’ve also been writing a new series, the first of which, The Man Across the Street is out on January 1, 2020.

But before that, I have a month of fun planned.

I’m running a Marcie Steele Christmas Advent Event.

From December 1 through to December 23 there will be guest blog posts by women’s fiction authors, and a few other posts too. I used to run a blog called High Heels and Book Deals – the last question was always ‘what’s your poison – high heels or flats?’ I thought it would be fun to bring this back. I asked 20 authors if they would take part in a Christmas version and they all said yes.

The event itself has a Facebook page where there will be a chance to win a Marcie goodie bag every day of the event.

There will also be three larger prizes, one per week, and I’ll no doubt do some spot prizes too. And of course one of those will be a Secret Santa.

I do hope you will come and join in the fun.

I have a brand spanking new website, and you can find me here on Twitter and Facebook.

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