December 2nd – Marcie Steele’s Christmas Advent featuring Kirsty Greenwood


Marcie Steele Christmas Event 2019Today I’m introducing Kirsty Greenwood. Kirsty and I go way back to 2012, yet can you believe we only met in real life this year? I remember squealing very loudly when I spotted her at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival and then a couple of months ago, we finally met for a long lunch. 

Back in 2012 we were both self-publishing and rocking the Amazon charts together. Her book, Yours Truly, was my first read but if I had to choose my favourite, I would say it was Big Sexy Love which has to be made into a film one day. So without further ado…

Hi, Kirsty. Please tell me about your latest book. 

The top three reasons why I do not like Christmas are as follows:

1. It’s super cheesy.
2. Everyone drinks boiled red wine that tastes like air freshener and pretends they enjoy it.
3. Last year the man I was in love with decided that Christmas Day was a perfectly decent time to reveal that he did not feel the same way about me.

So you can see why, on Christmas Eve, it’s totally reasonable for me to just want to get home from work as soon as possible, close the curtains, eat my weight in noodles and watch horror movies until the whole thing is over.

My boss, Marcy, has other ideas. Her son Adam broke his leg ice-skating and now she needs me to accompany him on his last minute Christmas errands around Notting Hill where we live. It wouldn’t be half as bad if Adam wasn’t the most irritatingly confident, annoyingly enthusiastic Christmas-giddy man I’ve ever encountered. And, well, a whole lot sexier than I expected he’d be…

What was the idea behind it? 

I had the idea a few years ago actually! I wanted to write something set over the course of one night where two people who didn’t get on were stuck together. I separately wanted to write something set at Christmas and in Notting Hill where I used to live. And so I merged those ideas and It Happened On Christmas Eve was created!

What would be your main character’s idea Christmas?

My two main characters are Phoebe and Adam. Phoebe despises the holiday season and her perfect Christmas would be no Christmas at all. Adam on the other hand loves it. His perfect Christmas would be hyper traditional, with lots of booze and festive food and merriment.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

I love making gifts when I have the time. Really personalised, thoughtful things for my favourite people. I also love cooking, so Christmas is a great time for me to show off my skills, cook big decadent meals and get sozzled on champagne while doing so!

What is your favourite Christmas film? 

I feel like I should say It’s A Wonderful Life or White Christmas but the truth is my favourite Christmas movie is Home Alone 2 – Lost In New York! I love anything that includes capers and hijinks around New York and I can’t deny that this film definitely influenced my book Big Sexy Love (also hijinks and capers around New York). The bit where Kevin’s mum finds him at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree always warms my heart. Oh and the bit where the toy shop man gives him the two turtle doves and he gives one to the pigeon lady. So brilliant.

What is the one book that you would like to see wrapped up under the Christmas tree for yourself this year?

That’s a tough one! I always request one of the Coralie Bickford-Smith designed Penguin Classics on my Christmas List so I’d love another one of those to add to my collection. I have lots of friend’s books to read over the holidays so I’ll be in a heavenly book stupor.

What is your favourite Christmas song? 

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, sung by Judy Garland in Meet Me in St Louis. It’s a beautiful song.

And your best Christmas tipple and snack?

I love a glass of Baileys on ice at Christmas. That’s a lie, I love a bottle. Snack wise it’s gotta be… cheese. I assemble an elaborate cheese board and then hog it to myself, giving evil looks to anyone who approaches.

What is your first draft process?

 I’m still learning to find a process that sticks. I generally begin by planning the beats of the story, but I don’t fully outline. Before I write a chapter I’ll do a brief list of bullet points detailing what happens in each scene so I know where I’m headed. But I don’t plan beyond that. Many of my best ideas happen in the midst of writing and are usually a total surprise to me. I’m trying hard to increase my writing speed because I’ve noticed that the more quickly I write, the more interesting the story seems to be because by speeding up I’ve allowed myself to get out of my own damn head and enjoy the adventures of my characters.

Finally, what’s your poison – high heels or flats? 

Marcie Steele Christmas EventFlat, but make it glam. I can’t walk efficiently in heels. My favourite shoes are actually a pair of raggedy old trainers that are falling apart and which I’ve sewn back together multiple times because I can’t bear the thought of losing them and they don’t make them anymore. But no one wants to see a picture of those because my goodness they are very very ugly. So the ones in the picture are my second favourites. Flat, but with scalloped edges and covered in coppery gold sparkles.

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