December 24th – ‘Tis the season to feel festive with friends

Christmas is made for friends, don’t you think?

Whether it’s hooking up to go shopping with your bestie, having a few cocktails on a girls’ night out, swapping Secret Santa presents over a long lunch, or just having a giggle watching ‘Home Alone’ with a mug of hot chocolate, the fun is endless. And even my man is my best friend when he has a chocolate orange to share.

Having said that, I’ve known my best friend for over twenty years now. We met at college in our early twenties – ooh, I’m slighting giving our ages away there.

We’ve known each other through both of us getting married, each getting divorced and each married again, with two children for her, and we’re still going strong. There isn’t a time that we have fallen out. We’re always there for each other, to lend an ear to, offer a hug, share good news and console if it’s bad. She’s like the sister I never had.

I love shopping for her presents at Christmas. There are so many little gifts and sets on display, I just go to town (literally – no internet shopping for me). All the shops have something to entice me through their doors. Usually I come away with lots of two for her and one for me, that I can’t resist. Well, most things are on three-for-two sale for that reason, aren’t they?

I’m not quite sure where it started but it’s become a tradition now every year to buy each other a desk calendar, a wall calendar and a diary. We both have great fun finding new ones.

Christmas cards are special for us too. Not a lot of people buy them now – I know I don’t miss them hanging around the house, falling over every time a door shuts. But I do like the special ones. Again with this, it’s a tradition to get a nice one for each other.

We meet on Christmas Eve and open the pressies together over a coffee and mince pie. It’s our mini Christmas before all the hard work starts in preparation for the next day. We have so much fun – I love to see her face light up when she likes something, or grins when it’s something silly.

It sounds as if we are fifteen – but I wouldn’t swap our Christmas fun for anything. Because really, isn’t that what friends are for?

And that concludes my Christmas Advent Event!

I have had so much fun chatting with authors about their latest books and Christmas traditions. My to-be-read pile is in danger of collapsing, I want to read so many.

I’ll be back next year with an interview every Friday from an author and more posts from me about what’s going on in my writing life. Do pop back in the new year – where I will be celebrating the publication of The Man Across The Street. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

Merry Christmas and a happy new decade – SEE YOU IN 2020!

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